How does Net Neutrality affect Small Publishers and SEO’ers

They subject of Net Neutrality has intensified in the last few months. I found this post a few weeks ago and found it interesting. The post explains what Net Neutrality is and how it affects a wide range of people who use the internet daily.
Basically, if the phone companies get their way, ISPs will be able to choose which Search Engine you use.

For example, let’s say that Comcast creates a search engine (intending to set up a system like Adwords), if Net Neutrality is not protected, it could (in theroy) slow down (or remove access) to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN. SEO’ers would now have the job optimizing sites for the Comcast search engine which would gain a significant market share due to Comcast customers experienceing slow loading times to other engines. This could happen to ISPs all over the net.

Other examples of how ISPs could intervene is on wikipedia;
In 2004, North Carolina ISP Madison River blocked their DSL customers from using any rival Web-based phone service.
In 2005, Canada’s telephone giant Telus blocked customers from visiting a Web site sympathetic to the Telecommunications Workers Union during a contentious labor dispute.

Net Neutrality is a great thing and should be protected, I hope that readers in the US will call their senator asking them to vote in favour of Net Neutrality.

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