Internet Users Plagued by ‘Banner Blindness’

An eye-tracking study finds users block out ads on the Web, especially when the creative is not relevant to what’s on the page.

Found via Digg.

The article is based upon a study that claims, internet users automatically focus on the content on your site instead of the articles, however all is not lost. The study revealed that adverts that blend in to the content and non graphical ads give the best results.

I too have found this and my adsense settings are set to show text advertisements only.

If you do alot of PPC advertising, it also has some interesting results, most of which are common sense such as “Sponsored links need to closely relate to search terms to be successful.”.

Forums suffer from ad-blindness alot, members over time will avoid looking at the adverts. I’ve found and others reccommend that you constantly move the adverts around and/or make them bright. Examples of good adsense placements can be seen at

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