LetsEncrypt on AWS EC2

LetsEncrypt are on a noble mission to encrypt the internet. Founded in 2014, it has some big names supporting its mission.

What I like about LetsEncrypt is that their certificates are free, automated and there is an increasingly helpful support community.

Amazon’s AMI image is not 100% supported at the moment, however I found a number of articles useful.  Every environment is different, however I’ve highlighted a few things below that I had to contend with below, particularly because I host multiple domains on one Apache server using vhosts.

  • Split your Apache configuration file into multiple configuration files to make it easier to manage. I used: “Include conf/extra/vhosts/*.conf” to automatically import all my vhosts configuration files.
  • There were some packages that needed updating – googling the error message usually helped.

    unset PYTHON_INSTALL_LAYOUT was a key config error



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