Text Link Ads – Calculate the value of a link from your site

Link Worth Calculator – Text Link Ads

After reading about this tool on ProBlogger I decided to try it out. This is a good tool to calculate how much a link from your site is worth. I had a go and it returned some good results. I had a go with www.bbc.co.uk and it returned some amusing comments “More than you can afford” 😀

The calculator takes the following into account;

Traffic of your website
Link popularity of your website
Theme of your website
Number of links to be sold
Sitewide or single page placement
Location on the page


The image of “the area on your site where you will place the text link ads” looks remarkable similar to the adsense “heat” image. It looks like most companies agree that directly above/below/next to is the place to get best results from ads.

Link Worth Calculator

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