Watch your user’s every move

Imagine being able to see your user’s mouse movements, where they click and much more. Think of all the data you could collect and use to optimize your advertisements. Soon you will be able to do this thanks to a new service that uses AJAX to monitor user’s activities. The service called ClickTale is currently in private beta however you can sign up for updates on the site. Here is how the describe it;

ClickTale shows you the full story: every mouse movement, every click and every scrolling action. By using ClickTale you will gain insights that will improve your website’s usability, enhance navigation, and increase effectiveness.

Certainly it is a product you should keep a close eye on, this could dramatically improve CTRs of hundreds of sites. Instead of using eye tracking studies you get your own study customized to your site. Unfortunatly it sounds like they plan to charge for this service, however if it has enough features it may be well worth it.

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