What not to do with YPN

It looks like YPN are trying to crack down on Made-For-Adsense (Or Yahoo) sites. On all of the sites I have seen running YPN, the ads are all intrusive

Don’t duplicate (*cough* STEAL *cough*) content from other sites. We want to be with someone original.

Agreed. You should write your own content or pay someone to do it for you.

Don’t place images next to ads. It’s dishonest and we want to be in a long term relationship with publishers everyone can trust. People will think those images have to do with the ads, and when they find that the site they’ve been directed to has nothing to do with them, they’ll be pretty miffed.

Bit of a suprise, they are the first ad company to tell its users not to put images near their ads. Google Adsense did tell its users to make sure a clear divider was between images and the ads. Most of the ads I have seen on YPN with images have been related but I can see their point.

Don’t go nuts with the ads and place them all over every page like they’re your content or something. It looks like you are trying too hard.

Finally cracking down on this, I hate sites that blend in the ads to make it look like their part of the content. A site that does this particularly well is tutorialized.com (check out their tutorials to see what I mean). Not only does it look like
you’re trying too hard but it tricks users.

Don’t send us traffic from Zimbabwe or Ireland. Not that there’s anything wrong with Zimbawe or Ireland, but right now we’re just not ready to make that big, international commitment. We’re working on it, though, so be patient, and good things will come.

Good luck trying to stop that. Geo-targetting databases can cost alot and the free ones can be hard to come across.

You can read the rest of them over at the YPN Blog.

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