Cloudflare + Docker Nginx & WordPress HTTPS

For the past few days, I’ve been converting a site from Django to WordPress.  For various reasons, I needed to use Nginx which means avoiding the standard WordPress Docker image which comes with Apache. Services Required I was hosting a few different services and had a single docker-compose.yml file for the services.  Nginx It was […]

Automatically block open RDP/SSH in Azure

I’ve been working with Microsoft Azure recently and looking for ways to implement some basic security hygiene and automate controls. Most ransomware cases today are caused by some common threat vectors; phishing, vulnerable web apps and brute force attempts against RDP/SSH on ports 3389 and 22. We can use Azure policy to enforce rules on […]

Check HTTP Service is running after CodeDeploy

I have been using AWS CodeDeploy to deploy code from a private GitHub repository to a EC2 server. As part of the deployment, I wanted to check that the deployment was sucessful, by validating there was a HTTP 200 OK response from the server. As part of the deployment, the web server and application server are both […]