iPlayer outside UK on Android TV/NVidia Shield

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I recently became frustrated with my Samsung TV showing adverts and flicking between multiple apps. Having recently set up a UK VPN on my router, I was also looking for a way to watch iPlayer on my TV rather than through the computer.

  1. Sideload the iPlayer app onto Android TV/NVidia Shield
  2. Route the required domains and DNS requests through the UK VPN
  3. Watch iPlayer content

Install the iPlayer app onto Android TV/NVidia Shield

This is relatively easy to do. I used the iPlayer APK, specifically version 0.4.7. I used the Downloader app to download the APK and install. Reddit users reported more recent versions of the app did not work.

Route iPlayer traffic via your UK VPN

I have a Ubiquiti dream machine which has a VPN Client built in. I use this VPN Client to connect to a UK VPN. Since I don’t want to use a UK VPN for all my internet traffic, I am able to use the traffic routing feature to route certain traffic via this VPN Client.

Create a traffic route, matching the following domains;

  • bbc.co.uk
  • bbci.co.uk
  • bbc.com
  • a1.api.bbc.co.uk
  • mybbc-analytics.files.bbci.co.uk

You will also need to make sure your DNS settings on the Android TV/NVidea shield route via the VPN. To do this, I set my Android DNS to my router’s IP. You can do this by;

  1. Settings
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Advanced Options
  4. IP Settings
  5. Switch to Static
  6. Enter your IP, Gateway (router), network prefix length (24 most likely) and then enter the DNS of your router.

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