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Savannah, Georgia travel guide

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Savannah is an iconic city in Georgia and offers a great of history, beauty, and Southern hospitality. With its 22 picturesque squares, moss-draped oak trees, and stately antebellum mansions, there’s plenty to see and do.

The city is known for its role in the American Revolution and its haunting tales of the paranormal.

We love Savannah. We’ve visited countless times and considered it home during the pandemic.

This blog post is designed to cover the must do items over a long weekend. There’s plenty more to see and do than this blog post offers.

If you’re planning a trip to Savannah, Georgia, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips to make your visit truly memorable. From indulging in local delicacies to uncovering the city’s haunted past, here’s a summary of our ultimate guide to exploring Savannah;

Starting your mornings

Start your day off right with a visit to Savannah Coffee Rosters. Sip on delicious iced coffee while enjoying treats like their famous Lemon Bar. The iced coffee will help cool you down in the Savannah heat which can be strong early in a morning.

The Lemon Bar they serve is incredible- a must eat at Savannah Coffee Roasters.

If you’re closer to Forsyth Park and want a more sit down breakfast/brunch – try Collins Quarter at Forsyth Park.

Spending the day in Savannah

There’s plenty of things to do and see in Savannah. We had a few must do’s.

Cycling around Savannah

During the day, we loved hiring a bike and cycling around the squares. There are 22 squares in Savannah, each readily accessible by biking or walking. Given the heat and distance, we’d recommend biking – make it your mission to see them all.

Ghost Tours and Paranormal Activity

Savannah is known for being a haunted city. We loved getting a drink in the evening, walking around the City doing a walking ghost tour. There’s plenty to choose from.

On our most recent visit we did an After Hours Paranormal Investigation at the Sorrel Weed House which was a lot of fun.

Ice Cream at Leopold’s

Indulge your taste buds at Leopold’s Ice Cream, a Savannah institution. Despite the lines, their homemade ice cream is a must-try, with unique flavors that will leave you coming back to try more.

There’s always a line – but its a must do. Leopold’s ice cream has been around for over a century, serving up home made ice cream each day. We found lines at most hours of the day – it moves quick though and worth it.

Best Restaurants in Savannah

There’s plenty to choose from – avoid the water front for some of the best restaurants. Here’s a few;

  • The Wyld – a short drive out of Savannah, but great views over the swamp land – especially at sunset.
  • Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room
  • Vic’s On the River
  • The Public Kitchen & Bar
Sunset by The Wyld restaurant

Final tips and tricks and Savannah

  • Restaurants in an evening can get busy. It’s not unusual to wait over 45mins for a table. Try book ahead if you can, otherwise you may need to walk towards the river front (see below).
  • The river front is very touristy and is a magnet for the bachelorette parties. We tried to avoid this area, finding the food quality pretty poor.
  • There’s not a rooftop bar scene like NYC, but we really enjoyed drinks of the food of the Perry Lane hotel.

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